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As many of you will know I have made Magpie Hill Soap‚Äč for many years. I have recently been branching out into other cosmetics such as skin balms and beard care products, which have been going down a storm!

I have always tried to be as eco-friendly and natural as possible, from ingredients right down to packaging! I wanted to promote the eco-friendly route more, so I'm tweaking the business a little to provide you with Eco-Friendly essentials, including of course my own handmade products!

I will be closing the Magpie Hill Soap website and facebook page down soon. If you can, please follow the new venture on facebook: Magpie Hill Eco-Friendly Essentials.

My other small business Balbo Beard Co. will continue as it is, providing our bearded chaps with a range of handmade beard care products.


A range of ingenious kitchen items to help you with your sustainable living


Here you will find Eco-friendly alternatives for your bathroom needs, such as soaps and toothbrushes for ALL the family

Home & Garden

A lovely natural collection specifically sourced for use around your home and garden